Rein in agencies, Nisar asks Gilani, Kayani


Strongly criticising the role of agencies in the missing persons’ case, Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday asked Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Army chief Gen Ashfaq Kayani to rein-in the intelligence agencies.
Responding to Nisar’s fierce criticism of the killing of four people who were in the custody of a spy agency and his demand of constitution of a court of enquiry by the government, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said a committee of the House could be constituted to look into the matter, but he proposed that as the matter was sub-judice, the court’s verdict should be awaited.
Gilani said all state institutions should work under their constitutional ambit and all institutions were answerable to parliament. He said the government would respect the Supreme Court’s order in the missing persons’ case. Speaking on a point of order earlier, Nisar announced that he would go to the Supreme Court on the next hearing of the missing persons’ case to express solidarity with the families whose relatives had been illegally abducted and killed by spy agencies.
He said a secret agency had dumped the tortured corpses of four people who it had abducted upon their acquittal from a court of law. Nisar also asked Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani to protect the honour and goodwill of the Pakistan Army and take notice of such incidents.
“This is a national army, not a mafia … General Kayani must stop such things which tarnish the army’s image,” he said.
PML-N MNAs chanted slogans of “shame, shame” over the killing of missing persons. Nisar added that it was a moral and constitutional obligation of all members of the parliament to raise voice in parliament for missing persons and against the atrocities of secret agencies and to appear in the Supreme Court to express solidarity with the families of the missing persons. “Whenever the government feels threats from agencies, the prime minister wastes no time in pointing out a state within the state, but in this case no government functionary has come forward to speak in favour of common citizens,” he said, asking the prime minister to rein in secret agencies and bring their heads before parliament so that lawmakers could hold them accountable.


  1. If the Prime Minister had spoken against the agencies Nisar would have been the first to critisize the PM. These politicians are sick.

    • You say, "These politicians are sick."—–especially those like this man Nisar overwhelmed by his sense of Chaudhrahat.

  2. In order to rein-in the intelligence agencies, the politicians have to stand united. Alas, this is not the case. Even today, politicians are ready to meet Generals in the middle of the night to curry favour. Recently, they have also started using Judges to undermine Parliament.

    • IB has better jobs to do honey….Your guys do there job in the best manner….they save money and effort…but get lot of shabashis ..for doing things which they have never done or are not capable of doing…..

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