Police seeks record from PM’s Secretariat regarding anthrax parcel


The Islamabad City Police on Thursday approached the Prime Minister’s Secretariat requesting the PM’s security staff to give them the parcel containing anthrax, which was allegedly sent to the PM by a woman from Jamshoro, Sindh, for investigation.
Sources said that a request had been sent to the PM’s Secretariat for getting the said anthrax-filled letter for expediting investigation into the matter. The Secretariat Police on Tuesday had registered an FIR against unidentified people, who apparently in an assassination attempt had sent a parcel containing ‘anthrax’ to the PM’s Secretariat for PM Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani. The envelope was sent from the Sindh University Campus Colony, Jamshoro, and received at the PM’s Secretariat on December 18, 2011. On Wednesday, PM Secretariat Administration Deputy Secretary Abdul Hafeez lodged an application with the Secretariat Police for registration of a FIR against the unidentified sender. According to sources, a female associate professor of Jamshoro University allegedly posted the said anthrax-filled letter to the PM. But police said that after getting the said letter they would start proper investigation.


  1. after passage of more than 2 months, the authority has woken up,this his how we react to such a major crime.how do we expect them to react for the public ? when are we going to learn ?

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