Most recently, our government granted Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to our neighbouring country India. But to visit our “most favoured” neighbour, Indian government wants an applicant of Pakistani origin to provide following documents:

1) Sponsorship certificate from your relative in India attested by not less than a police commissioner. 2) Copy of electricity bill of your relative in India. 3) Copy of telephone bill of your relative in India. 4) Copy of PAN Card (Permanent Account Number used for voting purpose) of your relative in India. 5) Applicant’s character certificate issued from area police station. 6) Applicant’s salary/bank statement. 7) Applicant’s letter of employment in case of employee of private organisation. 8) If applicant is housewife/child, a written statement that she/he is dependent on husband/father’s income. 9) Applicant’s monthly salary should be PKR 25,000. 10) Applicants passport should have 8-month’s validity. 11) Visa process takes 8 to 16 weeks (2 to 4 months). 12) Visa fee PKR 722 (courier charges PKR 707 + Visa fee PKR 15 only).

If we start from point no 5, we all know how difficult it is to get a character certificate from area police in Pakistan. For point no 6, what if the applicant is self-employed and does not have a bank account? Same applies for point no 7. What if the applicant’s salary is less than PKR 25,000? Last but not the least, visa fee is PKR 15 and courier charges are PKR 707!

In other words, Pakistani nationals having relatives in India should not even dream of visiting their loved ones in the ‘most favoured nation’. India is the largest democracy of the world but what is compelling it to discourage Pakistani nationals from visiting India is anybody’s guess?




  1. The above article shows the real picture of India.but why our government is shamefully still advocating the MFN status.The above article is a factual and sincere effort in this regard……

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