Kat, Bebo are like chalk and cheese: Imran Khan


Imran Khan has worked with both Katrina Kaif (‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’) and Kareena Kapoor (‘Ek Mein Aur Ekk Tu’). He insists they are like chalk and cheese. About the differences between the leading ladies, Imran says, “Katrina is a workaholic. She’s always obsessed with her work. On sets, she strives to be a perfectionist and will keep going at a thing unless she achieves it and is satisfied with the result.” Kareena is quite the opposite he says. “Bebo is the most chilled out person on set. She doesn’t believe much in rehearsing and is totally instinctive. Kareena just switches into whatever character she’s playing once the camera is on. Her ability to give an amazing shot in just one take always amazes me.”