I don’t mind being naked


Ali Zafar, who’s known for his chocolate boy image on screen, is all set to shed that tag and join the league of the sexiest men in Bollywood with his upcoming film ‘London, Paris, New York’.
Ali, who will be baring his torso in the film, says: “I don’t mind taking my shirt off but I have to be convinced that it’s a creative requirement. The purpose is not to show off, but to get the show going in accordance with the demands of the story and the character.”
The singer certainly didn’t mind giving us an exclusive sneak preview of his abs. All he said was, “as long as my guitar is with me”. He admitted, “The scene for which it was required comes as a pre-climax in Paris. It’s an intense scene, and so it was physically and emotionally draining, but that’s the fun of filmmaking. You live through your characters. And I want each of my characters to look different from the last, so I had to work a lot on my look. I had to undergo training and was on a special diet for 10 days.”
How did it feel to join the brigade of shirtless heroes? He smiles and says, “It’s not the first time I’ve taken off my shirt on screen. I have done it before for my music video, ‘Ek Pal’.
Ali, who will make his debut as a music composer in ‘LPNY’, was in Delhi to launch the film’s music on Monday. “I feel honoured to be given this opportunity to compose, sing and write for the film,” he told us excitedly, adding. “It was an exciting opportunity for me to explore new talents like Aditi Rao, who is also the lead actress of the movie. I made her sing two tracks.” Ali recently performed at the 57th Idea Filmfare Awards and shared his experience, “It was a great moment for me to share the stage with such legendary actors. I also sang a song from my music album ‘Jhoom’. The crowd’s response will be etched in my memory forever.” Ali , who will be leaving for Pakistan on Thursday to visit his family, will unfortunately not be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his wife, Ayesha, as he’ll be back on February 9. He said, “I don’t think you need a reason to celebrate love. Love can be celebrated everyday.”


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