‘Pak Business Express conspiracy of Pakistan Railways’


Private railway operators are allegedly violating their contract with Pakistan Railways by overcharging passengers of the private train.
As the private train named Pak Business Express is set to start its operation between Lahore and Karachi from Friday (today), sources privy to the contract claimed foul play on the part of contractors.
Sources said contractors are charging Rs 5,000 per ticket from passengers instead of the agreed Rs 3,600. “This is overcharging and in violation of the agreed terms and conditions,” said a railway officer requesting not to be named.
The officer said all the 70 percent passengers who had reserved seats in the private train, which would the running from Lahore, have paid the same amount. The train is said to be the brainchild of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry. Moreover, the unionists in Pakistan Railways are concerned that starting the Pak Business Express might lead to complete privatisation of the railways that, they fear, might eventuate in future layoffs. “We shall lodge our protest at the Karachi Cantonment Railway Station on Saturday (tomorrow),” Muqaddar Zaman, a labourer leader at the Railways and the Information Secretary of a non-governmental organisation UK World told Pakistan Today on Thursday.
The unionist claimed that the private train was part of a conspiracy hatched by the deficient bureaucracy of the Railways to privatise the Pakistan Railways through gradual induction of private investors. Zaman demanded authorities concerned at the Railways to stop the ongoing process of privatisation that is the cause of a sense of insecurity among the Railways employees. He also demanded setting up a quota in the private train for the Railways employees, journalists, senior citizens and disabled persons. “Such private trains are being run to further facilitate the rich, while nothing is being done to address the plight of the poor,” the labour leader said.


  1. sharing of carporate sector is not bad,if the passengers are willing to pay Rs5000,so what? i think that a economy class train may also be introduced like this train….. Indian railway is in profit but,they have also allowed private firms in freight sector….in pakistan this practice is already going on,like so many luggage vans of differnt trains are lended to private frims,so why so hu and cry for this train…if trains like this give comfort to passengers,it should be carried on….

  2. Pakistan Railways should only develop and operate tracks, leave the running of trains to private sector. Railway has become so political and just to please people they keep on hiring people instead of firing. If there are no trains who needs massive staff just to get paid. This is also haram if you are demanding pay without doing any work!
    Private sector will compete and create better service for people and monopoly of current govt run should end!!


    • There is a key in the Keyboead called “Caps Lock”, please just press it once. Thanks.

  4. these people will never let pak prosper.. I am ready to pay 5k and take this train, so whats your problem? If u are so worried, get the public trains on track, charge 3500 n they will have to reduce money due ti competition..

    These employees who have nothing to do in railways dont want privatisation as it hires efficient staff and asks them to work for their salaries

    • Right on bro!

      They want quota?? go ahead get all the quota in the regular railways! leave one service without quota for God's sake!

  5. Privatising public transporation is good for public. at least people get service for what they pay. This should encoutage public sector organization to improve their performance. I cant understand how Railway can run in loss. There is huge demand for this service passenger and cargo. It is overstaffed and people are getting paid for doing nothing. In stead of protesting they should change their mind and look sto see how can they improve. There is too much political inferernce and whole chunk of money is looted by politicians. This must stop.

  6. It is a shame ; ignoring the plight of common people and running a single train for the rich is typical of a feudal country like pakistan; they have suspended 104 trains ,they have destroyed the manufacturing capability of PR so that they can get chinese made non people friendly engines and coaches ; At the cost of destroying the climate and general enivronment the road mafia has been dismantling the freight and passenger traffic of the PR so that the people travel in buses thundering down pakistan's demonic roads , look at the same system which india got;;inspite of being one of the most corrupt countries , india has the best possible railway system in the world which can serve a population of a billion plus ;;;instead of importing indian movies and serials, pakistan could have imported india's railway technology to serve its teeming poor

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