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Kareena Kapoor: On marriage and films

Kareena Kapoor has three films with three Khans coming up over the next five months –‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’ with Imran on February 10, ‘Agent Vinod’ opposite Saif on March 23 and ‘Talaash’ co-starring Aamir on June 10. Quiz her on her favourite Khan and she says, “I am a huge Aamir fan and it’s an honour doing back-to-back movies with him. Imran was the biggest reason for doing ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’, he’s a cool guy who, even after seven films, still looks so natural and fresh on screen. I share amazing chemistry with both these Khans, but I know that I’ll make the best ‘jodi’ with Saif in 2012.” ‘Agent Vinod’ has taken its time coming but, she points out, it’s a big-budget action movie. “We’ve finally locked on a release date. The reactions to the first poster and promo have been overwhelming,” she smiles, adding, “Saif and I look great together, I know Agent Vinod will be the film for us.” Post its release, Saif and she are supposed to announce their marriage date. A jeweller in Rajkot claims he’s got an order for a Rs. 40 lakh royal necklace for her. Kareena retorts, “From India to Pakistan to Los Angeles, everyone’s planning our wedding. It’s discussed more than the Lok Pal Bill. Imran’s the only co-star who hasn’t asked me when I’m getting married. I respect him for that, and wish others wouldn’t too. When two people are in love, it’s obvious that they’ll take the relationship forward when they think the time is right.” Right now, she says, both their energies are focused on ensuring the best launch for their movie: “After that we’ll decide what to tell the world. I understand everyone is curious but it’s our choice. They should respect that.” In her Valentine’s Day release, Kareena and Imran get married in a drunken stupour. “Most films end with a marriage, ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’ starts with one, even though my character, Riana Braganza, is not interested in getting married. She’s lost her job, is alone in Vegas, but she’s no ‘bechari’. Rather she’s a sunshine girl like me,” says Kareena. “Only I’m far more conservative when it comes to marriage and I will do it right.”

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