In Gadap, no gas but something sure does stink


Despite the elected representatives getting millions of rupees on account of uplift works in their respective constituencies, the dwellers of Gadap in the Malir district are yet to be provided with the basic civic facility of natural gas, Pakistan Today has learnt. With both the national and provincial assembly seats traditionally won by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), the residents of Gadap have always suffered under the politics of the party currently ruling the country.
Sources in the Sindh government told Pakistan Today that each MPA in the province is provided a fund of Rs 400 million to carry out development projects in their respective constituencies, while MNAs from Sindh also get Rs 40 million each for the purpose.
“The Malir district also gets an annual grant of Rs 500 million from the Sindh government for the development of far-flung areas,” the sources said. “The funds, however, usually lapse without being utilised as the elected parliamentarians do not bother to submit their schemes timely.”
At present, PPP’s Sher Mohammad Baloch is the MNA and Sindh Zakat Minister Sajid Jokhio the MPA from Gadap, but the miseries of the over one million people living in the area remain the same as both the elected representatives never bother to resolve the basic issues being faced by the population. During a day-long visit to Gadap and interaction with the locals, Pakistan Today observed that the provision of natural gas, drinking water and drainage system are still a distant dream for the people.
Former Gadap Town nazim Murtaza Baloch had carried out massive developments in the area like laying a vast road network and installing streetlights, but the provision of natural gas from the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) did not fall under his jurisdiction, as gas supply schemes are recommended by elected representatives.
Although gas is supplied to dozens of compressed natural gas (CNG) stations along the Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway and even at the Gohar-e-Nayab Resort, only four kilometres away a large number of centuries-old villages of Gadap remain without a civic facility that many of the residents do not even know exists.
Among the many villages still without natural gas supply include Dost Mohammad Khaskheli Goth, Yar Mohammad Wadhelo Baloch Goth, Haji Jabli Goth, Chanesar Jokhio Goth, Haji Hamal Baloch Goth, Khamiso Abdul Rehman Goth, Mai Syria Goth, Marri Mohalla, Solangi Mohalla, Lalo Jokhio Goth, Meewo Gabol Goth, Arib Rind Goth, Shahi Gabol Goth, Khalu Gabol Goth, Hamza Behru Goth, Umeed Ali Gabol Goth, Ameer Bux Gabol Goth, Nabi Bux Gabol Goth, Aali Gabol Goth, Juma Morio Gabol Goth, Mulla Azeem Goth, Radhu Jokhio Goth, Gajjan Khan Baloch Goth, Haji Allah Bachayo Baloch Goth, Ghulam Mohammad Jokhio Goth, Sain Rakhayo Jokhio Goth, Mangio Jokhio Goth, Qadu Jokhio Goth, Pubb Malir Goth, Haji Fakeer Mohammad Wadhelo Goth, Gadap City, Hindu Mohalla, Mureed Jokhio Goth, Haji Jokhio Goth, Khamiso Mohalla, Hussain Baloch Goth, Rao Gohrab Jokhio Goth, Soomrani Goth, Rasool Bux Khaskheli Goth, Godo Jokhio Goth, Haku Brohi Goth, Suleman Baloch Goth, Haji Abdul Raheem Wadhelo Goth, Haji Abdul Kareem Baloch Goth, Gabol Goth and Wahid Bux Gabol Goth.
Renowned social activist and Gadap Development Social Welfare Organisation chairman Zafar Baloch told Pakistan Today that the people of Gadap have time and again raised their voices against the injustice meted out to them before the elected representatives, but no one is ready to resolve their issues, including provision of natural gas to the area. “Since winning the election through the votes of Gadap’s residents, the PPP’s MNA and MPA have not visited the area or met with the people to listen to their grievances,” he said. “I can’t figure out where the funds of millions of rupees are going, as no development has been carried out during the four-year tenure of the present government.”


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