Punjab drug reaction kills 2 more; toll at 121


Two more heart patients, after consuming the suspicious medicines, lost their lives Tuesday, pushing the overall death toll to 121 in Punjab.
The string of deaths spurred by the dubious medicines of Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) could not be stemmed, despite all the frenzied efforts by the government of Punjab.
According to sources, Central Drug Laboratory of Karachi declared one of the seven PIC medicines as substandard.
Meanwhile, the investigations under Punjab’s aegis also revealed that some PIC officials are involved in the scam as some deficient medicines were changed without keeping back their records.
Also, the federal government banned the sale of heart medicines manufactured by as many as five pharmaceutical companies.


  1. unbelievable. Whosoever is responsible should punished severely.

    How can Health Minister let anything like that happen under his nose. and we aren't seeing any resignations of anybody. wow pathetic

  2. We can’t pin it on federal government, when this is happening only in Punjab. Healthcare was never his priority. While he and his brother go to London for medical treatment, his government allocated virtually nothing for health and education. He has proved himself the most incompetent and dishonest chief minister not only of Punjab but in the history of Pakistan. Despite all the shortcomings of Pervaiz Ellahi, we have to admit that he was a better administrator, and in politics never went to the extent of abusing his political opponents. What a shameful state of affairs. Who is the health minister with a heart so not to resign over his utter negligence over first the shameful dengue fever deaths and now this totally shameful fiasco? Seems we clearly have even lost all moral grounds to accept any responsibility! Utter shame…

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