Sunni Tehreek is now a political party


The Sunni Tehreek is now a political party and is set to commence its politicial activities as the “Pakistan Sunni Tehreek” at its public rally at the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore on March 23 (Pakistan Day), the religious group’s chief Sarwat Ejaz Qadri said on Sunday. Addressing the ‘Pakistan Bachao Jaan Nisaran-e-Mustafa Conference’ at Nishtar Park, Qadri said his new political party would contest the next general elections. He said people talked about a “tsunami of music” and “tsunami of false beliefs”, but the Sunni Tehreek had brought the “tsunami of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s lovers”. Regarding his party’s manifesto, he said if the Sunni Tehreek came into power, it would work for the poor people’s welfare and for ridding Pakistan of extremism. “We have no foreign accounts, and the Prophet (PBUH)’s lovers are our greatest assets,” the party chief added. He warned the provincial government that the party would besiege Sindh Governor’s House if the killers of Sunni Tehreek members, who were shot dead on Sunday morning, were not arrested in the next 24 hours. He said the party would soon make important announcements in its public meeting and notable politicians would also join the new party.


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