Sales decline as vegetable, fruit prices rise


The increase in prices of vegetables and fruits at the Sunday bazaars caused a slight decline in the sales of vendors.
The prices of most vegetables witnessed an increase of around Rs 5-15 per kg. The prices of ginger, garlic, onion and tomatoes increased, while the prices of potatoes, green chillies and lemon remained stable. This week, the price of ginger, onion, garlic and tomatoes increased by Rs 5, 10, 15 and 3 per kilogramme, respectively. Ginger was sold at Rs 85 per kg, onion at Rs 50 per kg, garlic at Rs 85 per kg and tomatoes were sold at Rs 48 per kg.
The prices of potatoes and lemon remained stable and they were sold at Rs 12 and 40 per kg, respectively. In fruits, the prices of apples increased Rs 10-20 per kg and they were available at Rs 150-160 per kg. The prices of A grade bananas also increased by Rs 5 per dozen and they were sold for Rs 55 per dozen. The vendors said that their sales decreased due to the increase in vegetable and fruit prices. “I used to sell around 70-80 kg of different vegetables every Sunday but this week, the sales dropped to 50-60 kg and it was because of high prices of onion, garlic and ginger,” said Abdul Hameed, a vegetable seller, adding that the sales would increase next week as most people would get their salary.