Mansoor Ijaz seeks CJ’s ‘word’


Mansoor Ijaz, the main character in the “memogate”, has claimed that Interior Minister Rehman Malik was threatening him directly and indirectly, saying he was ready to come to Pakistan provided the Supreme Court chief justice assured him of his security and safety. A private TV channel on Monday claimed it had obtained details of a secret email written by Ijaz to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. It said Ijaz had written that if he got stuck in Pakistan, his business and family life would be badly affected.
Demanding an assurance from the CJP for his security and safety in Pakistan, Ijaz set the condition that if he came to Pakistan for recording his statement before the commission probing the “memogate” scandal, he would return on the next available flight. Ijaz further wrote in the email that he was the one who had given the proposal to lift travel restrictions on Husain Haqqani because “it shouldn’t be the case that one person was under restrictions while the other was free”. He said if the commission was to record his statement abroad, it was necessary for Haqqani to also be present.


  1. i think tht’s the real drama bt comes in different episodes, the 1st episode was abotabad rade , 2nd was Gilani statment against SC and this’s the 3rd one going on,,,we r waiting for more episodes

  2. It means Chaudhry accepted order of Mansoor Ijaz to lift travel ban on Hussain Haqqani. Just imagine kind of judges we have.

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