Fruit and vegetable prices slightly increase


The price of tomatoes witnessed an increase of Rs 6 per kilogramme at the Sunday bazaars of the city, compared to the last week’s price.
The fruit and vegetable vendors at the Sunday bazaars said that tomatoes were being imported from India, which resulted in fluctuation in their prices for the last several months. However, the prices of other vegetables and fruits witnessed a mixed trend of slight increase or decrease.
During the last year’s floods, the tomato crop had been destroyed, creating a shortage of tomatoes throughout the country. The vendors said that the local tomatoes would come in market in the coming days and the prices of tomatoes would witness a significant decrease.
According to the rate lists of this Sunday, potato, onion, ginger and garlic were sold at Rs 17, 42, 88 and 80 per kilogramme, respectively. The price of tomatoes increased from Rs 40 per kg to Rs 46 per kg.
Moreover, gourd, ladyfinger, bitter gourd and egg plant were sold at Rs 40, 120, 100 and 40 per kg, respectively.
The prices of green chili, capsicum and cauliflower were Rs 80, 80 and 36 per kg, respectively.
This week, the price of chicken also witnessed a slight increase. According to the price list, this Sunday, chicken was sold at Rs 155 per kg, compared to the last week’s price of Rs 150 per kg.