Banned outfit chief among three killed in blast


The chief of a banned outfit, Ansarul Islam Haji Akhundzada, among three others was killed and seven others were injured in a suicide attack in Pakha Ghulam area near Peshawar city on Monday.
A suicide bomber targeted the house of a tribal leader, killing three people and wounding another seven in Peshawar near Pakha Ghulam police post. Pakha Ghulam, an adjoining town of Peshawar, is 8 kilometer away from the city.
The attacker who was between 20 and 25-year of age, targeted Haji Akhunzada, a commander of the AI, SSP Tahir Ayub told a private TV channel. “The attacker struck when Akhunzada was sitting in a field near an under-construction house.” DSP Imtiaz Shah said the other two who died were Akhunzada’s nephew and son-in-law.
According to Akhunzada’s son Khan Taj, the family had been living in the area for four months and had been receiving threats. “Earlier, my father had a narrow escape because he was helping the government against Lashkar-i-Islam.” The banned militant group LI, led by Mangal Bagh, is said to have significant relations with the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan is active in Khyber Agency where AI operates as well.
Taj said that earlier, LI members opened fire at Akhunzada’s vehicle in Hayatabad, Peshawar. “There is a long list of people and friends who have been killed by LI in the last few years.”
Among other family members assassinated by the LI are Akhunzada’s nephew Maulana Mustamin who was killed in Tirah Valley in 2008. Mustamin’s brother Mobin Afridi, who was also AI’s spokesperson, was killed in 2009 in a car explosion in Hayatabad. A few days later, while mourners gathered for Afridi’s death, three people were killed but Akhunzada remained unhurt.
Further, a member of AI, Haji Ghulam Nabi, was kidnapped from Pakha Ghulam in early 2008 and remained missing. Interestingly, most incidents, including Monday’s bombing, took place in the jurisdiction of the Paharpura Police Station.
Reports said that Akhuzada headed operations against the LI and was a senior member of the AI’s shura. “He was recently advised to strengthen his security because he was consistently being targeted,” an AI member told the media.
Meanwhile, Lady Reading Hospital’s spokesperson Syed Jamil Shah said that three bodies had been brought to the hospital. “One was received dead, while two passed away at the hospital,” he said. Those dead were identified as Akhunzada, Abib and Mueeb. “Seven wounded people were brought and five are in critical condition.”
The two militant groups have fought each other on sectarian grounds for almost a decade and hundreds of people have died.


  1. On one end we have to be alert for the suicide bombers on the other end we have to be on our toes if they are using IED's.

  2. The terrorists have started using new means to spread fear among the common people. In this regard the use of improvised explosive devises should be condemned.

  3. I agree that the menace which is now present in the form of improvised explosives, in the hands of the terrorists, should be dealt with, on priority basis.

  4. Militancy has destroyed the peace of this country. Now these militants are fighting among themselves for power. Pakistan now has now has even challenges to face including law and order and specially IEDs, and even more importantly bringing the detached segments of the society back into to mainstream. There is willingness among those quarters that were previously misled and were in disagreement with the state.

  5. The militants must be forced and cornered to put down their weapons. Their use of improvised explosive devises is killing many innocent people. This is furthering disrupting the peace of the country.

  6. Terrorists are using the devices IEDs which are most popular and common device. These are homemade devices, whoever making them Authorities need stop its make and need to check the markets form where they are getting the materials

  7. EU will be providing Pakistan with 10 robots and 10 equipped vehicles to counter the use of improvised explosive devices by the terrorists.

  8. Improvised explosive devices have already claimed thousands of civilian lives, so it is a timely move by EU.

  9. The robotic technology, that is to be provided to Pakistan in coming weeks is definitely going to help us in minimizing the terrorism and the use of improvised explosive devices.

  10. Improvised explosive devices are extremely lethal and Government needs to take powerful measures to stop their production.

  11. hopping for the best, if our authorities are serious so they can monitor improvised explosive devices used by the terrorist in suicide attacks, bomb blats etc with the help of EU funded robots and vehicles.

  12. There should be a punishment for supply of material which is used in make of improvised explosive devices.

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