YDA announces strike against suspension of senior doctors in PIC scam


Young Doctors Association (YDA) has announced to observe strike against suspension and transfer of senior doctors in the alleged medicines reaction death scam.
According to a YDA spokesman, OPDs of all hospital of Lahore will remain closed on Monday. The spokesman said that YDA being representative of the doctor’s fraternity was responsible for the protection of their rights.
He said that no efforts would be spared to move the provincial government to take back the decision of suspending and transferring senior doctors. The YDA was of the view that purchase and supply of medicine is the responsibility of Punjab government and suspended doctors were not guilty, he added.
The association has demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to resign by taking responsibility of the tragedy.


  1. YDA is right. Shahbaz Sharif is both Chief Minister and Health Minister. His head should have rolled first. If he is an iota of respect left in him, he should resign immediately. He has messed up the whole province.

  2. It is a personal experince of running a Dept of Medicine in a western country. Whenever an incident happened we had to answer two questions internaly. Was it the failure of the system or was it human failure ? We owed it ourselves and most importantly to the patient concerned. If it was the system failure it had be addressed in a different way by the administration and myself. No effort was spared to address the problem. The patient was informed about this and i used to inform the patients complaint comitee myself. My head did not roll. Compensation discussion was left to the legal team.
    Next the question of human failure. It does occur all over in the world. The staff in question was counselled and cautioned in presence of his mentor and the i went over to explain to the patient and took full resposibility but did not apologise. We all sometimes inadvertantly make errors of judgement. The patients must be informed .There should be no grey zones. As far as the drug scandle is concerned the doctors used the drugs provided as long as they were not commercially involved in their production.That would be conflict of intersts and not allowed.

  3. I do not agree with the strike nonsense. Whom er we punshing? The memories of those who have perished and those who er about to perish. You should not be complicit in this matter. Allready you have lost face through no fault of yours. By striking you will be cofirming the suspician floating about the issue. Our profession is noble and those who practice this art should reflect this.The public opinion matters and perception matters too.Think of all the patients who spend so much money to come to the OPD to be turned back. Grow up. Doctors don,t strike!

    • Agree with u to some extent, as far as strike is concerned….but such callous attitude of the punjab govt CM is not acceptable, he shud take moral responsibility & offer to resign……where in the world a chief of a province / state keeps 12 important ministry under his own control….ministry of health being one of them..?? will any foreign govt accept such deaths…?? billions & millions wud hv been sued if in America…..before dengu now this…??

  4. this is our dilemma, an aeroplane crashes and you cant fix a responsibility and fire as the unions will go on strike. if a negligence has happened we will not allow it to be investigated. if a death of about hundred people will not lead to the heads rolling what else is.

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