Towards a more exclusive but improved DHA


Showing complete confidence in the DHA administration, Defense Housing Authority Resident Association (DHARA), custodian of residents’ rights in DHA Lahore, has put forth “charter of demand” to improve services of civic amenities, beef up security arrangements and check the rising trend of overpricing in DHA DHARA presented a comprehensive charter of demand to DHA Lahore administration to sensitize it to address problems faced by residents after the DHARA’s first general body meeting at its DHA premises.
Confidence in DHA: In the meeting, DHARA expressed faith in DHA administrator Brig Muhammad Aslam Rana and appreciated his efforts to redress resident grievances.
The General Body meeting was held with DHARA president Rohail Akram ul Haq in chair. DHARA chief patron Anwar Saleem Mirza, president Rohail Akram ul Haq, vice president Col (r) ZI Farrukh and general secretary Aazam Nasir Chaudhary, addressed the meeting..
The meeting was was hosted by Asima Fareed and attended by a large number of residents from various DHA sectors. After residents identified problems, DHARA finance secretary Ch Naseer Ahmed presented the budget, which was approved unanimously.
During his address, DHARA president Rohail shed light on DHARA’s role since its inception of DHARA as a bridge between residents and the DHA administration.
Rohail said DHARA has worked to improve coordination between residents and DHA authority and DHARA office bearers deserved credit for leaving no stone unturned to plug missing gaps. He said the DHA administration has been accommodating and DHARA was satisfied with its response to residents’ issues. He said the presence of female residents in the meeting was a “breath of fresh air.” He encouraged residents to improve coordination with DHARA as their representative.
Residents demands: DHARA general secretary Azam Nasir Chaudhary shed light on progress and tabled a list of residents’ demands.
DHA residents raised concern over the residents of adjoining areas entering DHA parks and playgrounds, to restrict space for DHA residents to enjoy the facility.
They also proposed that the security system to improved, having raised apprehensions over the security warden system, claiming crime had increased to due warden shortages and delinquency.
They demanded that the administration check illegal parking, which was on the rise in DHA. They said illegal parking outside banks on Phase 1 main boulevard and on both sides of the National Hospital main road were bottlenecks that had to be removed. They asked the DHA administration to use a car lifter to check the matter.
On increased road accidents, DHA residents demanded an effective traffic system be devised, with some residents demanding more speed breakers to slow speedy vehicles.
They demanded the DHA administration enforce a preference for DHA residents’ children to outsiders in education institutions within DHA. They complained against unbridled beggary in various sectors and objected to the free movement of corporate sales’ in residential areas. Some residents raised the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) parking issue and complained that the LUMS administration had begun to deny students parking inside the university without parking stickers a few months back. “Students parked their cars in front of houses in the LUMS vicinity. Over a 100 cars were parked in residential areas, which both disturbed residents and caused commuters inconvenience,” they added.
The meeting also discussed DHA graveyard policy and respected the Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry’s decision on the legalised restrictions placed by DHA on graveyard use by tenants and non-residents.
The meeting further assed the new DHA bus service launched at the Y-Block commercial area.
A mixed reaction was observed on the DHA Coaster Shuttle Service, with most residents demanding more coasters and bus stops. At present, four air-conditioned buses, imported at Rs7.3 million each from Japan that will cover all Defence from Phase I to Phase V, making 28 stops in the process. Most residents demanded an increase in coasters and bus stops.
The meeting also demanded that the DHA transport system be improved.


  1. The biggest problem faced by DHA residents is the tendency of its staff to impose self-created restrictions as "bye laws". This is particularly rampant in the Engineering Deptt where the Chief Engineer or his subordinates feel free to raise any or every rule whether or not these are part of the official DHA Bye Laws or not. This leads to a lot of delay and harassment and ultimately the matter is settled after some illegal gratification facilitated through the contractors and lower DHA staff. Higher DHA executives need to take stern action on this racket, that is if they are not involved in the racket themselves.

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