PPP govt not acceptable anymore, but don’t want to derail democracy: Sanaullah


Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that the sitting federal government is not acceptable for 8 hours more but the PML-N don’t want to derail democracy.
Talking to media persons outside Punjab Assembly here on Friday, Rana Sanaullah said that masses wanted to get rid of corrupt political leadership but the change should be brought through electoral process.
The Punjab law minister said that President Asif Ali Zardari was not fulfilling his constitutional responsibilities while Prime Minister Gilani has nothing to do but issue contradictory statements creating misunderstandings.
To a question regarding Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s absence from Punjab Assembly’s sessions, Rana Sanaullah said the chief minister has much to do as Punjab was in the grip of many crises, including recent deaths caused by alleged medicines reaction.
He said that the CM is himself holding the charge of health ministry and impressions that health authorities were doing nothing was not true.
Moreover, he said that Mansoor Ijaz, the important figure of Memogate scandal, has exposed the bad deeds of the sitting Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government.


  1. My dear this is not democracy at all.Its a mafia rule and you are a part of it.How can you go against it?

  2. Who told you Mr. Rana that democracy will be derailed if your party resigns from Parliament?? Your party is a part of this government and equally or should I say more responsible than PPP for the present mess in the country. Imran Khan righly says "Ye PPP aur PML (N) ki "Noora Kooshtee" hai.

    M. R@fique Zakaria

  3. To complete 5 years tenure is ultimate right of PPP. If PTI ,PML-N and other parties have issues with this government then they should come on roads as PTI promised of civil dis obedience call. But still no practical steps from any party. So should i say that every has deal with PPP.

  4. Haji Sana Ullah Sb when had current genuinely elected PPP Govt. been acceptable to you or to your political masters in Raiwind? From day one you guys have been hatching conspiracies against PPP, especially against the President. What have you not tried to somehow have this Govt. removed? A massively funded from state exchequre media campaign, "Go Zardari Go" movement, full of hatred speeches against Asif Ali Zardari in public then with the help of apex courts and military establishment memogate. You have tried everything whatever you possibly could against the Govt; but nothing worked. Having sixty five percent of the country i.e. Punjab politically "hijacked" you and your political masters turned entire Pakistan into a mess. Had you not been obsessed with President Zardari and focussed fully on giving a good governance in Punjab situation would not have had been such bad like it is now, even if Federal Govt. did not perform well. If people are suffering. If Pakistan is suffering then large share of responsibility lies on the shoulder of inept and massively corrupt Punjab Govt. Only by holding PPP Govt. you can not have yourselves absolved from any failure.


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