Heavyweights agree on procedure of POA elections


All the three aspirants of the Pakistan Olympics Association presidential position have reached a consensus on a charter of elections and a number of other issues for open , simple and transparent elections.
The three presidential candidates – current POA president Lt Gen (retd) Arif Hasan, Pakistan Hockey Federation president Qasim Zia and Athletics Federation of Pakistan president Lt Gen Akram Sahi – met here at the POA offices in the evening on Thursday and reached an understanding to make the election process as simple as possible.
Arif was having the support of Ch Yaqoob and Shaukat Javed while Qasim Zia had Asif Bajwa while Akram Sahi is having the backing from Army Sports Directorate’s Brig Iqtidar.
Although the three candidates agreed on having secret ballots and denied to have any influence of any outside source or the government functionaries but Brig Iqtidar clearly stated that his sports directorate which comes under the GHQ supports Gen Sahi. “Both the generals though retired have high esteem in our eyes but I am here to support Gen Sahi,” said Brig Iqtidar.
Addressing a press conference, Gen Arif said that all the differences over the rules of elections have been ironed out and their aim is to hold open and transparent elections.
“There were some doubts and all have been removed and then came some suggestions. We discussed them and asked the POV senior vice president Kh Farooq to summarise those.
“There were some problems over rules so we all decided to make them as simple as possible and have also agreed to have candidates’ representatives along with the election commission,” said Arif.
Qasim elaborated that with the earlier announced four members of the election commission there will be three representatives of the candidates who will also act as election agents and will stay with the ballot box.
Arif said that the counting of the votes will be done in the same room but with curtains on and the box will not be removed to another room. “The representatives of IOC and OCA will also be present there at the time of the votes counting.
“We want simple, open, fair and transparent process. Contesting election is the right of everyone and the voters will decide the winner,” he added.
Sahi said that they would leave behind healthy democratic traditions while the election of the remaining panel would be decided later after the election of the president.
They also denied the role of any agency or the government influence to effect the elections outcome.
Sahi further said that Army is the champion since 1947 and wins the Quaid-i-Azam Trophy every time and it’s their right to take part in the election process.