Hameed Nizami, a man of simple words


The services of Hameed Nizami in the field of journalism were remembered on his 50th death anniversary in a special session held under aegis of Hameed Nizami Memorial Society (HNMS) at Aiwan e Iqbal here on Wednesday.
Veteran journalists and media-related personalities paid tribute to the services rendered by Nizami in establishing journalism as an institution in the newborn state of Pakistan.
Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami explained the historical background of Hameed Nizami’s journalism. He said his father was a patriot, anti-feudalist and a famous student leader of his time. He said Nizami was the founder of Muslim Student Federation (MSF), adding that MSF had played a vital role in the struggle to achieve Pakistan. He said Nizami was inspired by Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. He said Hameed Nizami was the founder of “Nawa e Waqt” newspaper adding that the purpose of newspaper was to raise voice for separate state for Muslims. He said Nizami’s journalistic struggle played a leading role in Pakistan movement.
HNMS Chairman Mian Afzal Hayat, Arif Nizami, son of Hameed Nizami, Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami and Dr Mughees ud Din Sheikh also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the writing style of legendary journalist Hameed Nizami. The topic of the session, interactive in nature, was “Hameed Nizami ka tarz e sahafat” (Hameed Nizami’s style of journalism).
The pick of the session was the lecture delivered by senior journalist, political analyst and owner of a local Urdu daily Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami. He said Hameed Nizami was the only journalist who used very simple Urdu to convey his message. He said because Nizami was inspired by Iqbal, he spread the message of Iqbal through his newspaper. He said Nizami had a grip on editorial writing adding that he wrote editorial in a simple language on public, political, international issues and also suggested the solution of problems.
He said Nizami presented a strong opposition against government’s incorrect policies after the partition. He said Nizami highlighted the problems of the people and urged the government to solve them. He said Hameed Nizami’s editorials played an important role in government’s policymaking. Shami said Nizami was in the favour of democracy and he criticised Ayub Khan for imposing martial law.
Shami said Nizami introduced a new style in journalism and he was an opinion maker, adding that his opinions had a strong influence on people.
Media critic and communication expert Prof Dr Mugheesuddin Sheikh said Nizami was a trendsetter in Urdu journalism. He said Nizami introduced advanced principles and ethics in Urdu journalism.
Columnist Irshad Ahmed Arif and Sajaad Mir said Hameed Nizami introduced direct and simple style of talks and started institutional journalism. Irshad said before Nizami the concept of solo journalism existed but he turned this trend into institution. He said Nizami was the first person who introduced journalism as an institution, adding that Nizami always delivered his message in a very simple and direct way and reader shiftily picked it.
MONTHLY LECTURES: Arif Nizami announced on the occasion of anniversary of Hameed Nizami that a regular lecture series under the auspices of Hameed Nizami Memorial Society would be held once a month to pay tribute to Nizami. He said matters including journalism, public, national and international affairs would be discussed in the lectures.