Prof BA Chishti remembered


The Government College University (GCU) faculty and students paid a tribute to late Professor BA Chishti on the occasion of his Qul by recalling him an icon for his students and teaching community. Prof Chishti, who was a professor of English language and literature at the prestigious GCU since early 1960s, passed away at the age of 83 after a long struggle against the terminal disease of cancer, came to an end. His knowledge of the world literature, communication skills, ability to ignite and nurture the zeal and excitement for the subject will always be acknowledged, admired and remembered by those who came in contact with him and were fortunate enough to learn from him.
Apart from his unequalled teaching qualities, he also translated Bertrand Russel’s “Impact of Science on Society” in Urdu. He was also an author of books for college and high school students. After his retirement as the head of the English Department, his services were sought after and acquired by English dailies “The Nation” and “The News”. During his memorable time at the Government College, he was also the manager of the cricket team. Some of the cricketers trained under him managed to make it to the national cricket team, most prominently Shafqat Rana, Wasim Raja and Abdul Qadir. However, his love of teaching was superior and he could not resist the temptation of accepting the offer by the National College of Business Administration in Lahore where he worked till his body could no longer withstand the aggressions of the disease as well as its treatment. He stopped going to work only when he could not get out of his bed and stand on his legs. According to his faculty, among his friends and colleagues, Chishti will also be remembered as an honest and upright person and a man of the highest principles. Meanwhile, MAO College Principal Dr Farhan Abadat Yar also paid a tribute to Dr Chishti, saying his sad demise was an unbearable lose for whole country.


  1. Prof BA chishty was my dad's collegue and friend. He taught me English. He left a memorable print on my mind. arif if you read it. pl. try to contact. this is rafi son of prof bokhari.late

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