Ijaz’s statement should be recorded abroad: Nawaz


US national Mansoor Ijaz’s statement should be recorded abroad if he feels insecure in coming to Pakistan, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday. Nawaz’s lawyer Mustafa Ramday, appearing before the Memo Judicial Commission, said that his client supported the demand of recording Ijaz’s statement abroad. He said that the commission should go abroad to record the US national’s statement.


  1. PPP is useless and every time they win and govern Pakistan, we end up in bigger issues. I saw today that Mr. Bean ( Ch Nisar) was saying that remnants of PM should not give lecture on democracy, he forgot that PML (N) is remnant of Zia ul Haq. This guy also said that the role of ISI needs to be looked into forgetting that ISI was the one that brought them into power by creating the IJI, why no questions then? Right now, it’s all money politics of the Sharifs, even the lawyers movement was bank rolled by them and I think this Mansoor Ijaz story too. We have to go with IK or PM for the betterment of Pakistan. Wish they can join together.

  2. Nawaz Sharif Sahib, you are out of your depth . Hand over power to someone in the PML who knows how to play the game. You were check mated months ago by Zardari.

  3. right Nawaz sharief,bcoz if the crickest matches are to be played out of country,then it has become the tradition to conduct any proceedings out of the country.Good why the next election should not be arranged in neutral country.If the big bosses are making the fun and joke of Pakistan,then U.N.O be requested to open the borders of all the countries.WHAT A NON-SENSE JOKE AND SHAMEFUL IDEAS BEING DELIVERED BY SO-CALLED DEMOCRACY LOVING JANTA FOR ONLY A SINGLE PERSON.A COMPLETE SORT OF SHEAT ON US.

  4. I strongly urge Mian Saheb to stay himself abroad, with his childern and give them with much deprived parental affection. The nation can get rid of atleast one of the many hypocrite (so-called) leaders.

  5. In my point of view mansoor must appear in court next date . i am not in favoure abroud hearing, i thing nothing happeng anything here inshahallah,

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