Find something better to do, citizens tell MPs


Students and artists strongly criticised the ‘unanimous’ resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly that has banned all ‘objectionable’ musical shows and concerts in educational institutions. Budding artists especially have expressed their concern over the resolution, dubbing it ‘absurd’. “Our lawmakers had to ban concerts to hide their inability to catch the real culprits in the stampede debacle. Great going,” said Fahad Sohail, a bass guitarist, “Funny how our assembly is always ‘unanimous’ on such petty and useless issues,” said Salman Ali, a lead singer of a local rock band. “Such incidents have happened many time in other countries but such a reaction from the government is unprecedented,” said Junoon’s Ali Azmat.
Jawad Ahmed, another renowned singer said, “This will frustrate the youth. Alhamra authorities and the college administration were answerable for what happened, what is the entire population’s fault?”“Just at the students still use cell phones in their institutions, they will hold concerts too. Doesn’t the government have something better to do?” said Mehlab Jameel, a student. Later according to a news channel the Punjab government distanced itself from the bill.