Wasim slams British press for questioning Ajmal’s action


Pakistan’s pace-bowling legend Wasim Akram is exasperated with the way British press has been harping about the bowling action of Pakistan’s off-spinner Saeed Ajmal and termed as “stale” the pressure tactics of the home media. Ajmal took a 10-wicket haul in the Pakistan’s impressive 10-wicket win over world number one Test team England in the Dubai Test.
“Instead of praising him (Saeed Ajmal) for he is someone special, instead of admitting their team didn’t do well and Pakistan played better cricket, they are after him,” said Akram, who was commentating on the final Test between India and Australia.
“It’s not funny anymore, it’s boring, stale and old.” Former England players raised a question-mark about Ajmal’s bowling action after the stunning defeat and the British media hasn’t stopped carping on it since then.
“Whenever they lose, they talk negative. It’s the English batsmen who played bad shots, sweeping across the line to off-spinner. It’s no rocket science that you can’t play across the line. But probably they don’t know. It’s the job of umpires and ICC–not British media. “The permissible limit is 15 degrees and he’s been tested and tried for bowling well below it. He’s been around for 7-8 years. Why suddenly pick on him?” said an agitated Akram.
“I have been reading for the last 3-4 days in British media. We all know what goes through media usually goes through players. Ajmal doesn’t turn the ball. He’s just quicker. On a placid track, where there was no swing, no spin, no reverse swing, just lust green outfield, he got them playing across the line.” Akram sees a trend through all this noise. He believes England has a habit of picking holes through opposition whenever their team doesn’t do well.
“The noise now is because it has happened against the mighty England, the number one Test team of the world. On the tour of 1992, we got them out in every game. Then they accused us of ball-tampering. Then I got a seven in the very next game. We then played county cricket and taught every bowler for 10 years how to reverse swing the ball.
“Instead of saying their team didn’t do well and Pakistan played better cricket, they are targeting a special talent. Why it always happens against a sub-continent team.”
Akram doesn’t feel it would affect Pakistan in the remaining two Tests and might just backfire on the England team.
“I don’t think it would affect them. Indeed, it would create a positive impact on them. It would motivate them. Instead of being on the back-foot, it would help their cause.”
Pakistan has shown an upward graph in recent times and has done particularly well under the leadership of Misbah-ul-Haq, winning seven of their last 13 Tests.
“Misbah is doing a great job as a skipper. Pakistan’s confidence is sky high. It’s a good sign,” Akram said.


  1. When English bowlers were reversing the ball against Australia in Ashes-10/11, where was Mr. Willis? Then the reverse swing was legitimate & whenever a Pakistani bowlers does he is called a wrong-doer. I as PCB authorities to awake and spoke with courge to the world & please advice media manager to speak on behalf of the cricketers, who cannot express themselves except some players.
    PCB should awake from deep sleep and defend its players, strongly.

  2. Yes, that is correct. The PCB must strongly protest against this tirade of calumny. Only Bob Willis screamed his mouth off and the guttersnipes in the British tabloids started to propagate it. Anyway, let's see what happens tomorrow when the second test starts. (Wasim Akram! Please defend your colleagues immediately after the incident and not after seven days). Salams to Pakistan

  3. It is not wrong to question Saeed's action, you only have to look at it to see that it is not right. Why don't you print some photo's of his arm all bent and let peaople judge for themselves if it is over 15 degrees or not, there is plenty of evidence that he chucks the ball!! The ICC have opened a can of worms letting Murali get away with chucking it for years.

    • Mr Andeerson If a birtish or aussie is bowling Doosra it would be declared "ART" As is the case of reverse swing.

    • lol just shut the hell up whocares about the bowling action in my opinion its a game just let people bowl limiting the ability to 15 degrees thats a shame and just accept england got defeated fair and square we lost 3 of our most talented players salman butt muhammad asif and muhammad amir dont try snatching saeed ajmal now besides you guys shouldnt question ajmal your teams batting sucks currently!

  4. Wasim is right.Whenever there is something good for Pakistan,Indian Lobby along with its partners starts creating problems for us.Perhaps they bloody enemies do not want good reputation for Pakistan.May Allaha destroy them Aameen.What they do wrong is right and what we do the best is wrong in their bloody point of veiw

  5. I wholeheartedly support the views expressed by Wasim Akram with regard to the allegations made by the British media againts Saeed Ajmal's bowling.Whenever England's cricket team get a battering by an Asian team,the British press has unfailingly descended to level allegations in desperation.Cricket is a gentlemen's game.Although it evolved in England it was the Pakistani players who enriched the game by introducing the reverse swing,reverse sweep,doosra,teesra etc.What later innovations have the Englishmen made to the game of cricket?

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