Ali turns workaholic as London Paris New York creates a boom online!


Being under the limelight and being a part of the entertainment industry can sure give people sleepless nights, well literally so as many from the industry have admitted to not having slept for days by virtue of extreme work pressure. Take the case of singer-actor Ali Zafar who admitted on a micro-blogging site recently that he hasn’t had a day off in a long time. He wrote: “Time to hit bed. Shooting for #Lpny music video. Haven’t had an off day since……. 2011. But it’s just that I love my work so much that I don’t mind working a Sunday.
As long as there’s good vibe around and #Lpny vibe is 2 cool!” Since the new video for ‘London Paris New York’ has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for those who were hooked on to the internet over the weekend, we would say that all of that hard work has paid off for Ali. The video started going viral within hours of it going online and is generally seeing good feedback coming its way due to a fresh treatment of the subject and the film’s youthful flavour. Well, perhaps now Ali will allow himself some rest.