JI calls for immediate elections


The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Central Shoora on Sunday called for an immediate announcement of elections under an impartial government and autonomous Election Commission to enable the masses elect their new leadership for resolving their problems.
A resolution adopted by the Shoora in its meeting, chaired by the JI ameer Munawar Hasan, said that the four-year rule of the present government had been a complete failure and it could not be expected to do miracles during the fifth year. The Shoora demanded that an interim government be set up with the consensus of all the political parties and the Election Commission should have complete power over the election process. However, it warned that any unconstitutional step on the excuse of the government’s failure would not be tolerated.
Through another resolution, the JI central advisory body condemned the misuse of the state institutions and public exchequer by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)-led government for the programmes and objectives of the party.
In another resolution, the Shoora urged the parliament and the superior judiciary to take notice of the thousands of missing persons, who had been abducted by the agencies, and demanded their immediate recovery.
The Shoora expressed solidarity with the freedom struggle in Kashmir through another resolution. It said that despite Pakistan’s so called Confidence Building Measures (CBMs), India was not ready for a meaningful dialogue on the Kashmir issue.
A resolution regarding the tribal areas called for making full compensation for the losses incurred by the people due to the military operations. It said that the troops should be called back from the tribal areas and ties with the Taliban should be normalised through dialogue.