Gauri Khan snubs Priyanka


Actress Priyanka Chopra’s personal life has always been as talked about as her professional life. It seems it was no different this time either. The actress, who flew in straight from Dubai to Macau, the venue of Zee Cine Awards 2012, got down to rehearsing for her awards act right away.
PC is hosting the awards with actor Shah Rukh Khan and the duo was rehearsing for their acts from 9 in the night to 6 in the morning. While both were accompanied by their set of friends, SRK had wife Gauri for company who had dropped by for a while. SRK and PC went on with their rehearsalsgetting their lines right, cues on time and matching their dance steps.
Shiamak Davar, who choreographed the entire act, was on stage, giving instructions, when Gauri walked up to him to say hello. He gave her a warm embrace and the duo stood there chatting up. When PC noticed Gauri standing close to the stage, she walked up to her to greet her.
However, when she extended her arm to shake hands with her, apparently Gauri ignored her and did not reciprocate the gesture. “She just stood there with her hands to her back and continued talking to Shiamak,” said an onlooker. Unfazed, PC however dismissed the entire episode and went back to rehearsing her act with SRK.