Mansoor Ijaz refuses to come to Pakistan


Mansoor Ijaz’s counsel Muhammad Akram Sheikh said that the Pakistan-American businessman has refused to come to Pakistan and has asked the commission to record the statement in Zurich or London or at any place deemed appropriate by the probe commission.
Addressing media men, Sheikh said that his client has been apprised of the security plan on his arrival in Pakistan.
The commission is not authorized to call a foreign national and Mansoor is being trapped by and may be arrested upon his arrival in Pakistan; however he is geared to speak the truth all the time, Akram added.
Ijaz’s counsel remarked his client does not want to trigger confrontation among institutions.
After having defied the orders of the Supreme Court (SC), the government did not accede to comply with the decision made up at the Corps Commanders meetings, Akram said.
Earlier on Monday, Muhammad Akram Sheikh sought details regarding the security of his client from the Attorney General.
According to a private television channel, Sheikh wrote the AGP another letter late last night regarding the security of Ijaz, telling him the security plan is unclear and not in conformity with the directions given by the commission.


  1. This is no surprise. When the commission will be ready to do the video conference Ijaz will surely find an excuse for not appearing.

    • Oh really, what about our government, which is hell bent on making sure he doesn't come and issue veiled threats for dissuading him to come. Doesn't it show the government has something to hide? PM sayd army providing security to Mansoor Ijaz is unlawful, what does he have to say about keeping Haqqani in the PM house ???

  2. Someone said that there is a govt within the government. Army and ISI should proove that they are not a govt within the govt. Democracies all over the world are laughing at us. I support the efforts of Prime Minister Gillani who is out trying to establish a civilian control on institutions. Good luck sir

  3. Whether or not, he comes to Pakistan, his job is done. The job was to weaken Pakistan internally. Now, USA can negotiate terms according to its wishes. GHQ has already obliged them by allowing drone attacks. GHQ has no such authority under the Constitution but subversion of our Constitution is no problem for them. When we have people like Kayani, Pasha, Chaudhry, Imran and Nawaz within our ranks, there will never ever be any such problem.

  4. This is incredible. After all those proclamations by Mr Ijaz Mansoor that he would present before the inquiry commission even if his life was at risk. So what prevents him from travelling to Pakistan despite the assurances by Generals duo whom he derided them not long ago. This obvioulsy will give a moral boost to the government which they need at this trying times.

    I think enough is enougj. The Justices of the supreme court should now devote their energies on many other pressing problems with which Pakistan is beset.

  5. In view of the mixture of covert and naked threats by this corrupt government issued at regular intervals with no support in terms of security coming from the US embassy, as expected. No one can blame this man for deciding to stay away from this gutter.

  6. this jumping jack is not needed in Supreme court of pakistan.He is not bold enough to appear in a court to tell a truth.Who said him to jump in politics?

  7. Drop scene. Kangaroos of Constitution Avenue, Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Kayani, Pasha & Mansoor Ijaz, all have eggs on their faces. Except in the case of later, it is a shame that our citizens do not care the least about our country. Each one of them has his own axe to grind.

  8. What a jerk he is who kept all fools busy in Pakistan and now he turned his back on. There is only outcome of his efforts —–this liar 'killed' the liar, Hussain Haqqani. What a drama –now people call it comedy throwing the clown—Haqqani out of the ring. God bless Pakistan and punish the unwise rulers who got nothing to offer to people except false promises.Long live Nawaz Sharif only in his Raiwind Palace and Zardari in Garhi Khuda Bux.

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