‘Terrorism, an obstacle in country’s growth’


Pakistan has the potential for rapid growth but the ongoing terrorism has been hampering the progress, creating obstacles for the local and foreign investors, the speakers at a seminar said on Sunday.
The seminar, titled ‘Terrorism versus Humanity’, was jointly organised by the Global Survivors Network and Scream, a non governmental organisation that has been fighting terrorism in Pakistan by creating awareness among the youth and the civil society.
Scream Chairperson Waqar Khalid said that he had been a victim of terrorism when he was a student and he had decided to fight against it. He said that he had been visiting the educational institutions since then and meeting with the civil society to fight against terrorism, which was weakening Pakistan by each passing day. He said that only a peaceful country could grow as the investments are made in safe places.
The seminar participants said that those committing terrorism at schools, colleges, mosques, shopping centres, shrines and other public places were not Muslims. They shared the view that the perpetrators of terrorism were working on the agenda of weakening Pakistan, adding that such activities could be controlled if the public keeps an eye on them.