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Manya files for divorce

Manisha Koirala is facing relationship trouble once again. The actress, once highly acclaimed for her roles in movies like ‘Dil Se,’ ‘Khamoshi’ ‘Bombay’ and ‘1942: A Love Story’, is in the news for her marital troubles. The 42-year-old Manisha who married her long time friend and businessman Samrat Dahal in June 2010, went through a turbulent time with her husband.
Just six months after the wedding the actress declared on a social networking site that she wasn’t happy with her marriage and her husband had become her “worst enemy.” The couple then apparently patched up and all was well, or so it seemed. But recently, at a party hosted by Manisha, she allegedly announced to her friends that she had filed her divorce and was ready to move on in life.
The development follows close on the heels of reports that Manisha has taken refuge in the Wellness University, 80 miles away from Chennai, where she apparently is learning how to cope with stress and depression. Well we sure do hope Manya stays strong during this tough time and tries to get her bearings soon.

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