JPJM demands local govt system to check corruption


Jeevay Pakistan Jeevay Maqami-Hakoomat (JPJM) Chairman Daniyal Aziz has criticised the present form of democracy in the country in which the poor could not find a single meal and were forced to sell their children and commit suicide.
Addressing a public gathering in Faisalabad on Sunday, Daniyal said that inflation had sent the prices beyond the reach of most of the citizens, who were not being able to pay school and healthcare fees. He said the days of corrupt rulers were numbered and the poor would soon be empowered.
He alleged that the provincial governments were “deliberately violating” the constitution and utilising the local government funds to intentionally delay elections at grassroots level in violation of Article 140A of the constitution. Daniyal said that inflation could not be controlled through administrative measures, but by increasing interest rates. He said the top political leadership had taken loans of billions of rupees from banks, and were deliberately keeping the interest rates low to keep their debts low. Daniyal said that similar gatherings would be organised in other parts of the country as well to show the rulers that the people wanted their own system of government. He said the separation of judiciary from the executive was also necessary to protect the women, minorities and the underprivileged.


  1. If people are forced to live in abject poverty–its not the fault of Democracy—it is the result of bad governance and corruption that has been even rampant in dictatorial regimes in Pakistan—democracy is one of the best forms of goverment –without any doubt–give it a chance!

    • Yes and no!

      Democracy is the best form of social order. That said, you have to tell us what you are selling in the name of democracy. Is it a democratic capitalism in collaboration with kings and priests? Is it a system that leaves vast majority of the population unfed and uneducated, and control all economic resources in the hands of few? This is primitive but still persists! And you can see this system taking hold also in a society of (so called) proletariat dictatorship (like China or North Korea). So let us go beyond the slogan and try to define democracy in it's finer prints.

      A respectable society can thrive on democracy when the society encourages free enterprise to encourages individual growth and at the same time recognizes and takes responsibility for proving atleast the minimum living opportunity for the ones that fell in the shadow or were less fortunate than you or me. Look at the socio-political model of Sweden. They have billionaires but no one goes hungry. And their resources don't come from spoils of a neo-colony. True their human resources are well developed that occurred through the recognition of society's responsibility towards all of it's members. Can the same thing happen in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India or Bangladesh? I believe it can!

      It can, if the society builds it's mindset, upfront, in recognizing the responsibility towards its population that has to be disbursed at a minimum (the floor).

      I find Daniyal's speech squarely fits in my mind…

  2. He also belongs to the burger class. All of there relatives have the honor to serve pakistan….Even their wifes are at Top postions.
    Ours even educated cant get Jobs. We need only REVOLUTION to get rid of these idiots

  3. Local govt system,I think the best for empowerment of common men here on this issue I agree with daniyal it does't matter to which class he belongs which does matter is that what he demand form the government.

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