No security for Mansoor Ijaz: US Embassy


The US Embassy said on Saturday that it would not provide security to Mansoor Ijaz.
The US embassy spokesman said in a statement that Mansoor Ejaz would travel to Pakistan as a common US citizen as per his own choice and would be treated like other American citizens.
The Supreme Court had ordered the government for taking security measures for Mansoor Ijaz, who would appear before the Judicial Commission in the memogate hearing.
Ijaz’s lawyer Akram Sheikh expressed serious concern over the government’s vague statements on the security of his client.
He said he would stop his client from coming to Pakistan unless the army was not deployed for his security.
Moreover, Mansoor Ijaz has been advised by his friends not to stay in Pakistan during January, 24 to 26 due to security reasons and return to the US after appearing before commission.
Mansoor Ijaz contacted his several friends in the UK on Friday to solicit their advice to proceed to Pakistan. His friends suggested him not to contact travel agencies directly and just to appear before memo commission to state the facts as commission has been constituted under the Supreme Court orders.


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