Gujjar-Butt rivalry claims two more


The two nominated accused in the case of the murder of two brothers inside the Session Court, Arshad, 41, and Afzal alias Shahzad Pisraan, 35, were discovered shot dead from a rented house located in Chiragh Park, Shafiqabad on Friday.
The deceased were from the Gujjar Group and residents of Bhagatpura, Shadbagh. The family had an enmity with a Butt group since 2006. Arshad and Afzal were nominated in the murders of two brothers, Zeeshan Iqbal alias Shani Butt and Ali Imran alias Mani Butt.
The two were living in a rented house in Chiragh Park for security, but early morning on Friday, Asima, a neighbours’ servant, entered their portion and discovered the two shot dead. She informed locals and police concerned, who collected evidence and shifted the bodies to the Mayo Hospital morgue.
Talking to media, SP Investigation City Division Rana Shujaat said their rivals might have killed them. He informed that their servant, Bagga, was missing. Shujaat said, “Either he had escaped or he was kidnapped by someone, but his involvement cannot be ruled out.” Asima said she had come to the house to call Bagga for help her in milking cattle. She said the bodies were lying straight, with valuables found organised.
With the murder, now seven men from the Gujjar and Butt groups have fallen to the rivalry. The first, Jamshed Butt, was killed by Malik Nadeem and his brothers in 2006. On May 08, 2011, Zeeshan Iqbal alias Shani Butt, Ali Imran alias Mani Butt, Usman Butt and Atif Maseeh shot dead Malik Nadeem and his brother Malik Saleem. Shani and Mani Butt were on interim bails when they were shot dead by Asif Butt, Atif Butt, Zikriya and others in Additional and Session Judge Haji Ahmed’s courtroom on May 28, 2011. The case also named late Malik Nadeem’s two wives and his four brother-in-laws, Malik Nadeem including Arshad and Afzal.
Former SP Investigations City Division Nawaz Cheema and three subordinates were found guilty of declaring 11 nominated accused innocent in the Session’s Court murder case for a Rs 5 million bribe.