Altaf for avoiding confrontation at all costs


The country is encircled with threats and avoiding confrontation and conflict is the need of the hour, said Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Wednesday. He said this while discussing the prevailing political situation in the country in detail with constitutional and legal experts, MNAs, MPAs, senators, MQM’s Legal Aid Committee and Coordination Committee in a meeting especially convened to discuss the current situation.
At the meeting, it was agreed in the light of constitutional and legal points that confrontation should be avoided at all costs. Hussain said the MQM believes in the supremacy of the constitution and law, and has always respected the judiciary. “We respect all constitutional institutions, including the judiciary and the parliament,” he said, “The MQM desires promotion of democratic culture in the country.”


  1. Pakistan Today appears to have many photos of this man known as Altaf Hussain and today's photo shows him as if he is one of the statesmen of the world. He is in a fix at the moment and is unsure what to do in the context of the recent developments in the country. His policies are well known to every one known to his benefactor at present Mr Asif Zardari. This was the time MQM should have shown solidarity and should have been with the PM of Pakistan to show solidarity to him but opted to ditch him. This is not surprising. MQM is friend of no one except to itself. It appears that mentor and benefactor of Altaf Hussain may decide not to travel to Pakistan. I mean Gen Musharraf who was under an illusion that people of Pakistan was waiting to welcome him.

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