After Ghotki and Karachi, PTI ‘tsunami’ to flood Umerkot


The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Wednesday announced holding another public rally in Sindh, this time at Umerkot, after successful rallies in Ghotki and Karachi.
PTI vice president and former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi announced the decision while talking to the media at the residence of Pakistan Muslim League-Likeminded leader Maqbool Shaikh.
“Imran’s 11th match will be held at Umerkot on February 19,” he said. “Many Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders are looking to play on the same wicket as several parliamentarians of the party are not happy with their leadership.”
“After organising successful public meetings in Ghotki and Karachi, the PTI’s third big public meeting will be held in Umerkot,” he proclaimed.
Replying to a question regarding contempt of court notice served to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, Qureshi was of the view that it would not be possible for Aitzaz Ahsan to protect Gilani. “He may remain safe if he brings flexibility in his attitude,” he added.
Earlier, during the meeting with former provincial minister Shaikh, the PTI leader discussed the current political situation of the country with the Likeminded member and exchanged views regarding him joining the PTI.
This was the second meeting of Qureshi with Shaikh to coax the latter into joining the PTI, but Shaikh did not announce joining the PTI, as he is weighing his options with fellow politicians in Sindh.


  1. Im with this guy till the end. Because i know, inside he wants to help this country not steal from it, i know he has some bad people in his party, but i have my trust in him. With him at the top, i see a better Pakistan coming soon.

  2. The ppl of (interior) Sindh are fed up of the PPP loot-maar rule…putting it in plain & simple terms here…especially after the disastrous emergency management after the floods, or actually the lack of it topped off with massive corruption, even in the post-flood scenario! Imran/PTI are the best option available for Sindh and the country as a whole! Please use your precious vote judiciously next time around.

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