‘Daily use of contact lenses must be avoided’


Eye surgeon and specialist Dr Nisar Ahmad Sheikh said on Wednesday that daily and routine use of contact lenses, sunglasses should be avoided to protect sensitive eyes.
Talking to PTV, he said most of the eye allergies were reported in the rainy season with ‘eyes viral infection’ increasing day by day.
“We attend almost every day many patients with infection in their eyes, and recommend them initially to stay away from other persons because eyes sore can be transmitted to other persons easily.”
“In the case of eye-sore patient should not touch his or her eyes frequently. Dandruff in the eyes can happen despite precaution,” he said.
He said, “We advise eye patients to take care of eyes properly and save them from polluted water. Face and eye washing should be also done carefully.”
“We usually recommend for regular eye check up by eye specialists otherwise one can face chronic eyes problems which will be difficult to cure and may lead to eye sight loss,” he said.
Dr Sheikh said, “We also attend patients with problems of use of eye glasses and contact lenses and advise them to use eye glasses and contact lenses carefully and of good quality.”
Replying to a question, he said mothers of new born babies should first clean their eyes properly and than use surma or kajal but with much care.
“As far as the sunglasses are concerned they should be branded and frames should be multiquoted, he said, grey sunglasses are good for eyes.”
Replying to another question he said in wake of infection in the eyes, timely use of antibiotic drops can resolve the problem.
To another question, he said, “We don’t recommend use of rose water in the daily routine as it is not properly sterilised. Instead we recommend anti allergy drops. So, patients should avoid using rose water.
Answering a question he said for young children use of glasses should be avoided but in case of blurred vision, there is no harm to use glasses.