Royal ignore to Salman Khan at Screen Awards


The 18th Annual Screen Awards had a big shocker in store for all Sallu fans. The 2011 ‘hit machine’ Salman Khan was not nominated in any of the categories, including that of the ‘Best Actor’ – a domain that belonged strictly to him in the year gone by. Amrita Rao attending the event said:
“Salman Khan is such a big superstar, and he doesn’t need a nomination to prove it.” Dia Mirza said, “People who get nominated treasure that nomination and it means a lot, having said that, I am sure there will be enough award shows who will nominate him and he will win enough.”
Bigg Boss 5 contestant Siddharth Bhardwaj said, “I am one of the biggest fans of Salman Khan and it’s disappointing that he has not been nominated, but I’m sure had he been nominated, he would have won an award.”
After giving 2011 two of the biggest blockbuster in ‘Ready’ and ‘Bodyguard’, Salman Khan was left without any popular award. So much so that his name didn’t even feature in the nomination list.Call it the streak of bad luck, but for his diehard fans the dabangg Khan will always be most ‘wanted’.


  1. HElllooooo Salman Khan. is not best or good actor, Salman Khan is just a entertainer actor Thats it, First of all he doesnt know how to act and he doesnt know how to cry while doing acting in films. By luck and attitude, he just keep on going shining……………..


    • Your people always think that shahrukh khan is the only actor out there,and he is not, Salman Khan a great actor too. He also handsome and wonderful and charming just like shahrukh khan, I like shahrukh khan too, but is not the only person that can act, there are others too, and you people always think about shahrukh khan. Its shahrukh this shahrukh that , hell you dont praise god like you praise shahrukh khan and he is the all mighter.It was wrong to not nominate him in the screen awards, and that was wrong for having a devilist smile on his face when ask about how he felt about it. No matter how they dont like each other, should be man enough to say when something was wrong and unfair. Shahrukh khan know that that wasnt right.I use to love and was crazy about shahrukh khan , but i dont know now, because i thought he was a noble and sweet and understanding man, who stood up for rightiness,but i guess i was wrong. He starting to be very arrogant. Dont worry salman, your blessing will come, because everyone doesnt always stay on top. Sometimes your ego can bring you down, because respect is sometimes more important then you pride and ego.

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