Drifting to nowhere


The youth acts as a pillar of a country for achievement and prosperity. It’s the most important resource of a country, a resource that moves with ambitions to give its country a name. A resource that is most powerful in determining the shape of a nation. The man who sketched the picture of this country always addressed to the young blood of Pakistan and tried to trigger them into action.

Viewing the condition of the nation today, I think are we not doing enough for this country. Despite having all the abilities to make anything possible, we seem distracted. Our youth is going nowhere. One is forced to cry to see the pearls of this “mitti” doing things which are disaster for them. The youth has adapted those cultures which are taking them to nowhere. Moreover, having all the facilities does not mean you are done with yourself and this country. Our youth lacks guidance as to how they can give the best to their motherland, how they can cope with this rapidly improving era. There comes a time when we should realise our worth and start moving with an aim, an aim that leads us to the destiny where our life blooms.

Making our own lives worthwhile, we can prove our love for this country and its people. We have to manifest the best of us by giving this country many names to be proud of. I also suggest media to appreciate the youth and actively help them to explore the best opportunities.




  1. you are right a bit but before blaming anybody else everybody must see what they are doing you talked about youth who is corrupted but what about elders?
    are those politicians,law enforcers,buisness men,officials,gangsters,corrupted mullahs are all youth? definitly your answer ll be a big No so why always giving all trash to youth? here i am am the youth tried to live honestly but u know what am jobless coz elders got corrupt n i have no blessings of any gangster or politician anothet youth who failed the same test which i passed is asst.manager coz his father is a friend of governer i tried to avoid lies and try to speak always truth n am a dumb in everybody’s sight so here i am saying to all youth JUST BEND EVERY RULE LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT COZ THERE IS NO LAW OR PUNISHMENT FOR BULLY THE ONLY CRIMINAL HERE IS A COWARD POOR NOBLE CITIZEN

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