‘Tis the season to be married


While in the West it’s the season to ‘be merry’, here in the East we mostly perceive it as the season to ‘be married’. I’m sure most of you would have attended more than two weddings this season and received invitation cards for many more.
There may be a number of reasons why people schedule their wedding in the winters: probably because it is the holiday season and guests from different cities and from across borders can fly in and join the celebration, the weather is friendlier than the harsh summers that we go through or simply because culturally we have deemed it the ‘Shaadi season’.
Anyhow, whatever the reason, winters have clearly emerged as the right season to tie the knot. Acknowledging this fact, PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week was held last month in Lahore in which a number of top notch designers participated.
‘The Wedding Expo’ is also scheduled on 28th and 29th of January here in Johar Town. With all these wedding-related events happening, Pakistan Today felt the need to catch up with some of the designers to find out the latest wedding trends.
Emraan Rajput claims that his designs are unique because, “they depict the originality of craftsmanship and reflect the true colours of our cultural heritage.” He candidly discloses his favourite designs:
“The blue embroidered Lehnga for Mehreen Syed and the Red Royal Sherwani for Rohail Pirzad because they are very innovative, unique, traditional and represent a perfect look for the special day.”
One designer whom Emraan openly admires is Hassan Shehryar Yasin, “HSY is a magician. I truly admire his work and his aesthetic sense. His creations are very unique and every fashion HSY creates appears very practical.”
Talking about the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Fashion Week recently held in Lahore, Emraan said,” PFDC and L’Oreal Paris together successfully organised one of the best shows in the history of Pakistan Fashion Industry. It provided a great opportunity for the emerging talent to showcase these collections with the best in the industry.”
Sara Rohale Asghar also has some amazing designs to offer. She plays with the colour palate and design and in her own words, “Every outfit is an individual piece with its very own colour combination and design.”
She admits that her designs have a signature style embellishment but she insists, “If you would keep them all together you will see them being different in their own kind.” Sara generously names some other designers whom she feels have great stuff to offer, “Umar Sayeed for his breath taking bridals. Ali and Fahad for the exuberance and dramatic presentation and of course HSY for his grandeur.”
The wedding season is of particular importance as far as the women’s wear is concerned, but now times have changed and men have become much more fashion conscious too. Nida Azwer recognizes this trends and she recently launched her menswear. Not just that, she also presented her line of couture for children.
She finds it difficult to name one favourite design as she feels, “Each of my designs is special for me as a lot of thought and effort goes into each piece and all pieces are carefully crafted.” She particularly liked the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week because it brought designers, different makeup artists, choreographers, and jewellery designers under one roof to define the bridal look for the season.