PPP in choppy waters


The PPP government is right now cornered from all three fronts. While some of the flak it is receiving may be some of its own doing but it cannot be denied that many actors are using this situation to grind their own axes and unconstitutional agendas. The PPP has just helped matters by adopting a defiant stand. It cannot be denied that the SC orders in the NRO case and its issuance of contempt notices to the prime are following the letter of the law to the tee. Even if the SC’s priorities are said to be ‘mixed up’ (it has indeed not taken up the Asghar Khan case and why out of all the NRO cases does it specifically want the Zardari one opened?), it does not take away from the fact that its decision follows the law and must be respected. The PPP would do well not to drill holes in its own sinking ship and comply with the SC.