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Why can’t we have political sanity in Pakistan, where those elected stop behaving like emperors and consider themselves accountable for all their acts and be seen following constitution in letter and spirit? May I ask the PM or President what benefit has their tenure done to better the daily lives of those who voted for them?

It is only when they exercise their democratic obligations to serve people honestly and with responsibility that they can expect other institutions to honour or respect them. They did not vote for expensive rental power plants to be installed which failed to supply electricity and shut down our industry rendering hundreds of thousands unemployed, while the country is deprived of revenues, nor did they vote for the state rail, road and air transportation system to be in chaotic turmoil, neither for our Hajis to have their pilgrimage become an ordeal.

What purpose is served by burdening already overstaffed state corporations with more employees who are neither qualified nor required? People expect an elected government not to be seen wasting taxpayers’ money living like kings, spending on useless expensive foreign junkets which yield nothing in terms of trade benefits, or not having transfer of technology to make this country self-reliable.

The men in uniform need to understand that they are paid to defend this country and make lives of citizens more secure, instead of running industrial cartels or commercial residential societies and indulge in politics. Similarly, civil bureaucracy should start behaving and living like public servants instead of the privileged class living in exclusive residential colonies, enjoying perks which this country can ill afford. Our parliamentarians should be seen to legislate and not to violate, or abuse their official powers, nor indulge in private business involving any conflict of interest.

What the people of Pakistan have been seeing is that rulers, be they military dictators or elected civilians, consider this country to be their fiefdoms, where they or their families and cronies are above laws. Democracy is about the rule of law. When individuals assume powers without any responsibility or accountability, they act like dictators whom the people hate.


Illinois, USA


  1. tatally agree with you there is no check and balance on our rulers every person which is pakistani wherther it is president or a normal human being there is an equal rule for both because otherwise it provide extra power to our ruler and that why he can do anythick he wants whether it is dictator or democratic ruler.

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