France decries UN Security Council ‘silence’ on Syria | Pakistan Today

France decries UN Security Council ‘silence’ on Syria

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe on Sunday decried the “silence” of the UN Security Council on Syria’s deadly crackdown on protests, saying the situation was becoming “intolerable”. “The massacre continues, the silence of the Security Council too. This situation is becoming intolerable,” he said at a press conference during a visit to Myanmar.
“The repression has not ceased. The violence is still at work. The Arab League has given itself until January 19 to assess the situation. I strongly hope that it will make a report that is as objective as possible that it can communicate to the Security Council,” Juppe said. “I hope like others that the Arab League does not get bogged down in its observation mission,” added the minister, whose country is a permanent member of the Security Council.

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