Ali Hajveri’s 968th Urs comes to a peaceful end


Sunday marked the last day of the 968th Urs of Hazrat Ali Hajveri as people poured in from far flung areas of the country to participate in the spiritual gathering in the capital of Punjab also know as “Data Di Nagri”, the home of Hazrat Ali Hajveri. Spiritual devotees of the Hazrat Ali Hajveri said the rain in the city was a shower of blessing. It was a place of happenings as people belonging to diverse backgrounds participated in the Urs to pay homage to one of the most renowned spiritual saint of the region. Ten of thousands of people attended the gathering where spiritual activities took place from the start of the first day till its conclusion.
Prayers, lectures from religious scholars, Qawaali, dhol dancing, open charity meals and laying floral wreath continued till the last day. “I came on the first day all the way from Digri, a small village in interior Sindh, since then I’ve been staying here with out any hesitation or care,” said Lal Chandio a small businessman from Sindh. He said the first time he came to the Urs was 5 years ago when he was coincidently in Lahore for some business matter. Lal said his friend had brought him to the Urs where he prayed after which his business flourished greatly. “I didn’t believe in things like these but after I witnessed it for myself I never miss any Urs since then, its magical”, he added.
Another man from south Punjab, Mohammad Akram said, “Look at everyone, they are happy although small mishaps are happening everywhere, people just come here for Hazrat Ali Hajveri and God gives them everything, they don’t have to worry about food, there is free food for everyone”, he said. Akram further said it was freezing cold and that there was a suicide attack at the same place last year but nobody seemed to care, “they are what you call true devotees”, he added. The Urs has been a major part of the city life for the last 10 centuries. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated the celebrations by laying a wreath at the shrine. Special prayers were offered for the solidarity, progress and prosperity of the country. The entire area around the shrine wore a festive look, with countless eatery stalls and outlets established on all roads leading to the shrine. Per the tradition, devotees lay floral wreaths while coming to the shrine barefoot and dance to the beat of drums.
According to an old tradition free distribution of milk was seen to the people participating in the Urs. Milkmen from all over Pakistan, especially from Punjab, came to distribute milk at the shrine of Hazrat Ali Hajveri. Millions of litres of milk were distributed free of cost to thousands of people. Many myths encircle the distribution of milk at the shrine. An old milkman while talking to Pakistan Today said once a milkman had denied milk to Hazrat Ali Hajveri after which his cows went dry. “The milkman then visited another spiritual leader, who asked him to find that man who he had dined milk to and to give him milk. After many months he finally found Hazrat Ali Hajveri and gave him milk after which all his cows started giving milk like they used to before,” the old milkman said.