Six including two policemen die in DIK terrorist attack


At least six people, including two police men, were killed in a terrorist attack on the Office of District Coordination Officer (DPO) by armed militants, police said.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police chief Akbar Hoti told the media that the operation was completed in three hours which claimed six lives including two policemen while 3 terrorist were also killed.
He said that several militants clad in police uniforms attacked the DPO office and hurled hand grenade.
The attackers were armed with heavy weapons, he added.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Iftiqar Hussain told the media that two suicide bombers were gunned down by the police while another suicide bomber blew himself up.
He said the militants entered the office through main gate. The injured were shifted to a nearby hospital. Source said a terrorist was captured alive.
Information minister said DPO Khalid Sohail was unhurt and was taken out of the office by the security forces. Earlier, police sources were quoted as saying that he was injured in the attack.
At least three explosions had been heard as the militants stormed the building.
The militants first attacked with rocket launchers and later on they employed hand grenades.
Several sensitive buildings are located in the area; while, the DPO Office is located at the District Court.
Speaking to media in Islamabad, Interior Minister Rehman Malik condemned DI Khan attack and said that the government would deal with these killers with iron hands.
He said no talks were underway with Taliban and other terrorists and suggested that the negotiations could only take place if terrorist give up attacks and throw their weapons.


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