Revive the name


Of late, there has been a discussion going on in various newspapers in which the readers have dissented over changing street names. I tend to back the views of the writers.

The names of streets, neigbourhoods and cities carry historical background, thus the people over period of time grow emotional attachment with them. Therefore, changing old street or towns names should be avoided. However, new towns can be built to name them for the required purpose.

We can observe in the recent past world famous cities like Leningrad, Peking, Bombay, Rangoon, Madras, Culcatta, have been restored to their old names. In our country the province of NWFP has been renamed as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in accordance with the wishes of the people.

In this perspective, I would suggest the old Karachi street Bunder Road may also be restored too. Bunder is a word of Sindhi dialect which represents port. During colonial days, Karachi city was carefully designed with a major long road having shops at designated places. The road finally would terminate at the port location called Keemari.

After death of the founder of the nation, Bunder road was renamed as M A Jinnah Road. I presume had this name been changed in the life time of Jinnah saheb, he would have surely not allowed it because of its historical importance.

I have great regard for the father of our nation and I have no intention of creating any controversy. However, a proposal could be worked out by which the road from Sohrab Goth to Old Numaish may be renamed as M A Jinnah Road.

Likewise, the road from Old Numaish to Keemari may be retained with its famous old name which was Bunder Road. Many old people I have met in Singapore, Hongkong, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, New York, still remember with great affection the most famous Karachi street widely known as Bunder Road, which is no more there.

I expect our seasoned civil society has the capacity to discuss such issues to reach at logical solutions without getting carried away by sentiments.