Rajasthan govt extends help to ailing Mehdi Hassan


The government of Rajasthan has extended a helping hand to ailing ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan.
As a token of support, the Rajasthan govt has offered to bear all the medical expenses incurred by Hassan and his family. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot spoke to Hassan’s son Asif Mehdi about the veteran’s health condition and offered monetary and treatment in India. Gehlot also directed the chief secretary of Rajasthan to keep in touch with Hassan’s family across the border.
Hassan is currently in the ICU of a private hospital in Karachi since Tuesday after he complained of breathing problem. The 84 year old singer, who was born in Rajasthan had to leave for Pakistan post partition.


  1. What a disgrace! First Nawaz sheriff gets medical treatment outside Pakistan followed by
    the President. Next the Pir is flown to uk and passes away. Now the unwell Mehdi Hassan has a death wish i.e to be treated in India. He has no money available for his treatment. I have nothing but compassion for the last named. Has his family been taken into confidence and informed about the diagnosis and prognosis.? i remember a few years back a famous crickter wanted to have his wife flown out of the country because he was unhappy with the treatment meted out to her. I accept everybodys right to be treated where one wishes but it is a sad day for Pakistan,s doctors reputation abroad. No wonder our doctors have trouble getting jobs in europe.
    Let us contribute towards Mehdi,s treatment.

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