PCP chief stresses unbiased reporting


Press Council of Pakistan (PCP) Chairman Raja Shafqat Khan Abbasi said on Friday that Pakistan was described as a danger zone for journalists and was listed as a country where media persons are working under harsh circumstances.
He was speaking at a PCP consultative conference attended by civil society organisations at the council.
Shafqat said the role the media played during the last 65 years earned it the respect and dignity that it enjoys today.
He said the Press Council was planning to arrange short courses for journalists through educational institutions. He added that under the PCP Ordinance of 2002, any complaints against media had to first go to the editor concerned.
In case the complaint was not addressed, then only should it be forwarded to the PCP.
He stated that all the provinces should promulgate the Freedom of Information Act to provide the public excess to issues of vital interest.
The representatives of the civil society organisations stressed upon the need to address the grievances of the institutions and individuals and ensure the freedom of the media.
They also express their concern over biased reporting and urged the media to report news without any personal biases.