No Australian uranium for Pakistan: Julia Gillard


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard reiterated on Friday that her country would not agree to export uranium to Pakistan, which is imploring Canberra to make a similar policy change as done recently for India, a private TV channel reported.
This policy was an exception which recognised the compelling rationale and national interest for a change in relation to India only, Gillard told IANS in an interview.
“In the case of Pakistan, the issue did not arise as it did not have an exemption from the Nuclear Suppliers Group,” she said.
Gillard also indicated that the US might have played a significant role in Australia overturning the ban on the sale of nuclear fuel to India.


  1. shes right cuz if they agree thn theres an agreement to not disclose sum secrets outside…and pakistani is insecure and unable to assure to keep their words….

    • what kind of words r u talking about? what Gillard have said is basically means that she doesn't trust us (pakistam). we don't need her trust anyway, its not like end of the world 4 pakistan

  2. Acha hai. We dont need uranium we need justice, education and equality not goddamn uranium. Nation is stupid worrying about uranium they are not worried about the rising unemployment death rates poor health corruption. They are interested in what India doing.

  3. seriously @Nagato Awaiz
    what the hell will Al Qaida and Taliban do even if they get Uranium
    u ‘Need’ reactors and other installments to make anything bad from Uranium and i dont think Taliban or Al Qaida have any permanent place to make nuclear reactors and nuclear labs :/

  4. Who can trust us with Qadeer Network looming and Al-Qaeda high ranking leaders found within our territories. Under current circumstances when no country is willing to help us in any sector we expect Australia to help us in supply of nuclear material.

  5. The question is that is this double standard of Australia like many western countries or it is diplomatic failure of Pakistan government.

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