Govt intends to use Parliament for confrontation: Nisar


Opposition leader in National Assembly, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said on Thursday that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) coalition government wanted to use parliament to create confrontation among institutions.
While talking to journalists, he said that PML-N would obstruct against any resolution in NA which would further create rift among institutions.
He said further that PML-N had objection over the NA meeting which was called on Friday. He said there was a hidden agenda behind the NA meeting.
He added that everyone should respect the verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. We would not allow government to make NA a political arena, Nisar said. The present rulers did their best to create tension between Army and judiciary, he said.


  1. pmln is a status quo party and is part of the mess created by it alongwith ppp. All these looters have to be defeated once and for all by bringing Imran khan into power. pmln shall be ashamed of its dishonest and corrupt leadership nawaz and shahbaz shareef.
    Both these brothers have done irrepairable damage to pakistani politics by introducing politics of changa manga and thus deprived pakistani politics of honesty and moral principles. Inshallah, God,s will will prevail and these buggers will face justice, Inshallah.

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