Fertilisers and crops


The fertiliser manufacturing industry has been cut short of the gas supply, therefore leaving the farmers with a dearth. Farmers claim that their land is losing fertility. The gas shortage is the culprit. Pakistan’s agriculture sector is country’s backbone. Our survival is impossible without it.

Crop production has not only been an input resource for the industrial sector in Pakistan but it has also been one of the major exports, bringing in substantial foreign exchange. Textile and leather etc are dependent products of agriculture sector, play a crucial role in the economic growth of the country.

Pakistan’s land has got valuable natural asset, bestowing its people with a wide variety of food products and other supplies. Some favourable aspects of the agriculture sector are as follows:

27 percent of geographical area is being cultivated while 80 percent of the area under cultivation is also irrigated. Some 8.9 million hectares of cultivable area exists as waste land whereas it contributes 23 percent of GDP, and a 44 percent of country’s labour force is employed in the agriculture sector.

I would like the concerned authorities to take action before it’s too late. This industry is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. If this industry suffers, the whole Pakistan’s economy will suffer.