Coalition partners unaware of PPP ‘supportive resolution’


Coalition partners of the government, on Thursday, expressed complete unawareness about the much-talked resolution in the parliament, to show confidence and support for the ruling Pakistan Peoples’ Party in the ongoing confrontation with Army and other political parties.
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) decided to launch contact campaign with coalition parties of the government to convince them on tabling non-confidence motion against the government, however, a meeting of the joint opposition could not unite on the issue of no-confidence motion.
The ruling coalition also decided to respond in same coins to opposition’s bid for change of set-up, however, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) remained sticking to its stand for developing consensus at lower level prior to going for seeking cooperation from quarters concerned.
The Awami National Party (ANP) presented full support to the government on all issues unconditionally while former ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Q showed mixed reaction.
A joint meeting of the parliamentary parties of all the coalition partners held with Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in chair to discuss the challenges confronted by the government from both political and non-political fronts.
When asked by Online whether the issue of presentation of a resolution supportive for the government was discussed in the meeting, majority of members from coalition parties expressed total ignorance about the discussion on any possibility of presenting resolution supportive to PPP in the parliament.
Neither any resolution nor language of the draft of any resolution was discussed in the meeting,” said a PPP MNA from Akhundzada Chitan, adding, “We the members of second tier remained busy in chit chat rather than paying heed to the proceedings of the meeting.”
“However, we will stand firm with the government in hot and cold,” observed ANP head Asfandyar Khan Wali, adding that his party would resist against any violation of the constitution and undemocratic steps in the country. He added that stand of his party was obvious that no unconstitutional measure be encouraged or supported by any political force.
“We have made clear to the government that wide ranging consensus should be evolved or developed among all the coalition partners before moving ahead for taking any movement on resolution,” said MQM parliamentary head in the National Assembly Dr Farooq Sattar while responding to Online.
He was categorical in pointing out that his party would brood a lot before extending support to government on any much rumoured resolution to support PPP. However, majority of important members of coalition parties refrained from commenting on the said subject or preferred to remain mum and avoided to respond queries asked by media persons at the end of the meeting.